Wood cabins and descent of the Red River

Kayak & Cabana offers an original ready-to-camp accommodation on an enchanting 35 acre site. The cabins are cunningly crafted to maximize your comfort all year round and equipped with charm and simplicity to offer you a unique experience in perfect harmony with nature. Located on the banks of the Red River, its location is ideal for enjoying nearby various outdoor activities. Kayak & Cabana also offers in the summer canoe, kayak and SUP rental to descend the Red River, known for its calm water and sandy beaches. During the winter season, snowshoe trails are available on the site and we offer snowshoe rentals.

Descent of the Red River

Combine your descent of the Red River

with a stay in one of our cabins in the middle of nature!

Hébergement prêt-à-camper

Shepherd’s Hut

Enjoy the riverside in an
original and comfortable accommodation.

Hébergement prêt-à-camper

La Cabana

Perched on a rock, you can admire
a splendid view of the forest.

Hébergement prêt-à-camper


12 kilometers on the Red River with
a departure from Labelle


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